Memory Jewelry

We want to help you preserve those memories and be able to cherish the moments that mean the most to you. 

After a special occasion, the flowers are temporary, but the memories live on. Why not have a tangible, valuable, sentimental item that's functional...or even wearable?

Once the beauty of the flowers is gone, save a few petals (the drier the better). Send them in between two paper towels, in a paper envelope or a cardboard box. (DO NOT PLACE IN PLASTIC BAG)

Those dried petals will become a treasure to keep forever.

Other options besides flowers are: feathers, material, sequin, hair, fur, or ashes.

Use of ashes (cremains): it only takes about 1 tablespoon of animal or human ashes to create an ash bracelet.  Ashes can be used in many different memory items. Ashes can also be added to ceramic glaze and fired onto a pendant. It only takes about 1 teaspoon per pendant for this to happen. We can also use resin to make pendants or custom shapes (paperweights) with ashes, flowers, hair, etc.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

Thank you for your interest.

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